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Lane's End Decorative Arts, is me, PatMcWhorter. When I moved to my current home I finally picked a name for my business. I live on Ferris Lane, which is a Dead End Street, hence, Lane's End! This site features my work as a Muralist and a Decorative Painter. Some of my Artwork is done in my studio, for example, paintings and murals on canvas, or painted furniture. I would say that most is done on-site, either in your home or Business.

Monday, June 4, 2012

2012 Mansion in May

I was selected to design and paint a stairway in the prestigious Show House,  Mansion in May at Glynallyn Castle, in Morristown, NJ.  Now that the month is over I can take the time to post some in progress photos.  

My Space was a "back of the house" servants stairway, so though the front of the house has incredible vaulted ceilings, decoratively carved moldings, fireplaces surrounds, and stained glass leaded windows, that the other designers were chosen to HIGHLIGHT, my stairwell had to HIDE the pipes, wires and holes in the cement walls! 


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